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Trip Permits

A Trip Permit is a temporary authority document issued to allow an appropriate vehicle, without an IRP apportioned registration, to travel in a jurisdiction without obtaining an IRP plate.

A carrier should secure a trip permit prior to entering a jurisdiction for which they are not apportioned. Trip permits for travel in Louisiana are valid for 48 hours at a cost of $50.00 and can be obtained through a wire service company, Louisiana State Police- DPS Weight Enforcement Division Port of Entry Scales, and the Office of Motor Vehicles. Please complete the application in advance of purchasing your Permit.

Wire service companies

  • Across America (877)255-3301
  • Axle permits (855) 771-2953
  • Coast to Coast Trucking Services LLC (877) 963-0830
  • Comdata (800) 749-9143
  • Custom Permit Services (800) 669-5014
  • EFS/T-Check Permit Services (888) 824-7378
  • Fleet One, LLC (877) 251-7639
  • Highway Permit Services (888) 731-0312
  • Jet Permit LTD (800) 788-0603
  • JJ Keller & Associates (800)231-5266

Fixed scales sites that are selling trip permits

Baptist West
12381 I-12 West
Hammond, La

Greenwood East
10605 I-20 East
Greenwood, La

Kentwood South
77479 I-55 South
Kentwood, La

LaPlace West
1147 I-10 West
LaPlace, La

4543 Hwy 12 West
Starks, La